Leather StrapOur durable genuine leather straps come in a variety of colors, including black and brown. They're reinforced with a soft backing to provide a more comfortable wear.

Metal BraceletNo matter the finish, metal bracelets offer a timeless, classic style that's perfect for day or night. They're constructed from strong metal materials designed for comfort and longevity.

Other Strap MaterialsWe often craft our timepieces from exotic and fashionable materials such as Aluminum, Canvas, Exotic Animal, Resin, Nylon, Brass, Silicone, and Rubber. Each strap is designed for durability.

CeramicCeramic is valued as a luxurious material by watchmakers world-wide due to its lustrous appearance and smooth, scratch-resistant surface.

Movement and Display

Analog MovementOur Analog watches feature classic hour and minute hands. Some styles feature a date window.

Automatic MovementThe natural movements of your wrist power self-winding or Automatic watches. These watches never need a battery.

Chronograph MovementChronograph watches have the ability to function as a stopwatch along with a standard Analog time-keeping movement.

Multi-Function MovementMulti-Function dials have smaller sub-dials that feature various functions of the timepiece. Some show seconds, a 24-hour clock, the day, or even the date.

Digital MovementThese watches show time as a number instead of the classic rotating hands around a dial. Our digital styles come in fashionable and trendy cases.

Ana-Digi MovementAna-Digi watches combine the classic hour and minute hands with a digital display.


StainlessA term short for a classic that is stainless steel.

Two-ToneThis metal will have two different colors, most commonly gold and silver-tone hues.

MatteThis finish is the process of "roughing" the surface so that the metal is not shiny or reflective.

Gold-ToneA gold-tone finish means that all of the exposed metal on the watch will have a gold-tone look. This treatment is done at the micron level to ensure durability.

PolishedWe take our metal materials and polish the surface to a mirror-like shine.

Ionic-Plating (IP)Ionic-Plating is a type of microplating done to obtain a different color for the metal-for example, a gunmetal, black, or brown ion-plated finish. This is done at the ion level to ensure its durability and longevity.

Rose Gold-ToneThis special treatment is similar to gold-tone finish, but is done with a catalyst to give it the "rose" gold look. It's also done at the micron level to ensure durability.