Traveler wallets are very traditional wallets that hold more than bifolds. They feature extra card slots, two ID windows, and a pocket for cash.


Trifold wallets are very compact. They have three distinct sections, hold several cards, and contain an ID window.


Bifolds contain plenty of slots for guys who have a card for everything.


Checkbooks are long enough to accomodate your checkbook and features several pockets for cards and cash.

Flip Bifold

A Flip Bifold features a money clip inside. Very handy if you just want to access a few cards and an ID.

Front Pocket/ID Bifolds

ID Bifolds have a slim silhouette made to fit into your front pocket, but still have several slots to hold cards, a money clip, and an ID window.


Secretary wallets have a longer silhouette and feature multiple card slots and an ID window.


Passcases have a removable ID holder to ensure that your ID is easily accessible. They also feature plenty of card slots.

Front Pocket/Multicard

Multicards are not for front-pocket wear. They carry just a few cards and have a money clip for cash.